Priscilla McKinney: Start with WHY to Build the Business (and Life!) You Want

If it’s not important to do right now… Is it really important to do? It is easy for entrepreneurs and business leaders to get caught up in the busyness of our own design, letting a stack of What If projects grow until they consume us. But we don’t have to get caught up in the ‘burden of the backburner.’ We can stop, take stock, and build the life we want based on a clear purpose. We can start with WHY.

Priscilla McKinney is the CEO and resident Mama Bird at Little Bird Marketing, a boutique agency based in Joplin, Missouri. Little Bird works with premiere brands, helping them gain clarity around messaging and develop an annual plan for content delivery and lead generation that aligns with their sales goals. McKinney also serves as the host of Ponderings from the Perch: A Modern Podcast for the Modern Entrepreneur.

Today, McKinney explains how others saw her potential in the realm of marketing when she did not. She shares the lessons she learned when her creative studio burned to the ground and how the experience helped her to ponder the WHY—and build the business AND the life she wanted. Listen in for McKinney’s insight on what she calls ‘the burden of the backburner’ and learn how to let go of the What If projects and focus on what’s important to do right now!


Key Interview Takeaways

Listen to the people who see you. McKinney took over a local advertising firm when the woman who owned it pointed out that marketing is her native genius.

Start with WHY. Little Bird Marketing is different because McKinney’s team asks good questions up front to help clients get clarity regarding their desired outcome.

Your business is the people. When McKinney’s creative studio burned to the ground, it gave her the opportunity to carve out the business she wanted—and the life she wanted around that business.

If it’s not important to do right now, it’s not important to do. It is easy for entrepreneurs to get buried under the pressure of What If projects—but rebuilding after the fire in her studio helped McKinney get free of the ‘burden of the backburner.’

Team up with premiere brands. To avoid disingenuous marketing, Little Bird makes it a point to work with companies that deliver at an 8, 9 or 10, simply bringing their branding and content strategy up to the same standards.

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