Kelly Roach: Adopting the Habits of High-Performing Salespeople

What differentiates high-performing salespeople from all the rest? How do they use their time differently? What tasks do they prioritize? And what is their mindset toward the process?

Kelly Roach is the founder and CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, a consulting firm that supports small business owners in achieving exponential profit, sales and income growth. Her diverse resume includes experience as an NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive. In her corporate role, Roach was promoted seven times in eight years, quickly becoming one of Randstad Holding’s top-performing salespeople and eventually managing 100 people in 17 locations. In 2012, she made the decision to pursue entrepreneurship for its freedom and flexibility—and to fulfill her purpose in helping other entrepreneurs build profitable businesses around lives they love.

Today, Roach shares her view of every life experience as a stepping stone, explaining how her time as an NFL cheerleader introduced her to strong empowered women and ultimately prepared her for entrepreneurship. She describes how to reignite a passion for work by reconnecting to your mission and offers advice on balancing work, family and a demanding travel schedule. Listen in for Roach’s insight around the habits of high-performing salespeople and learn how to approach sales with a nothing-to-lose mindset!

Key Interview Takeaways

Every life experience is a stepping stone. Roach contends that her time as an NFL cheerleader prepared her for entrepreneurship, helping her learn how to put herself out there in a big way.

Top-performing salespeople use their time differently. Roach had early success in sales because she prioritized the things that get results. She spent the majority of her time in conversation with prospects and clients, making it a point to follow up and follow through.

Nurture a nothing-to-lose mindset. Roach’s approach to sales begins with a recognition that the prospect is not paying her now, so a ‘no’ isn’t the end of the world. She frames sales as simply asking a qualified buyer to investigate your solution.

Reignite your passion with a clear focus on WHY. If you’ve lost connection with your mission, Roach suggests beginning and ending each day with a reminder of your purpose, the meaning behind why you do what you do.

Work toward balance by making family a priority. For every decision, Roach asks herself, “Is this the right thing for my family?”

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