Dr. Barbara Cox: Building Connection in Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is creating an epidemic of loneliness. As humans, we are wired for community, yet most workplaces disregard this need for connection and leave us feeling isolated. How can we, as individuals and organizations, build social bonds and foster collaboration? How can we establish a balance between masculine and feminine energy to promote a sense of belonging AND improve the bottom line?

Dr. Barbara Cox is a psychologist, coach and author who explores the power of the feminine archetype to build community, cultivate intuition and create lasting, positive change in organizations. Her work has appeared on NBC News, Euro News and MSN, among many other national media outlets, and Dr. Cox was a featured speaker at UNESCO’s 2018 World Congress for the Organization of World Heritage Cities. She is also the author of The Muse Process: Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and Fulfillment.

Today, Dr. Cox explains how our bodies are wired to be in community, encouraging us to build in time each day to connect with friends and colleagues. She offers insight around developing an awareness of the times you DO feel like you fit in and finding one or two people you resonate with in any given situation. Listen in for Dr. Cox’s advice on tuning in to the wealth of information your body can provide and learn how to activate your own inner success muse!

Key Interview Takeaways

Our bodies are wired to be in community. Humans have evolved to live and work in groups, and when we feel disconnected, we don’t perform as well—and that impacts the bottom line.

Build in time to connect with friends and colleagues. Dr. Cox argues that if you’re feeling isolated, others are too, and she encourages individuals and organizations to devote at least five minutes each day to social activity.

Be aware of when you DO feel like you fit in. Dr. Cox encourages us to bring attention to the moments when we feel connected and cultivate those relationships. In one case, a client improved her sales numbers 106% by leveraging this advice.

Activate your inner success muse. Get in touch with your holistic, right brain to foster creativity and access your subconscious mind.

Give yourself the validation to fit in anywhere. Dr. Cox believes that you can feel a sense of belonging in any situation once you realize that fitting in is a state of mind and commit to finding at least one or two people you resonate with.

Get in tune with your mind-body system. Most of us operate from the neck up, dismissing the intelligence of our bodies. Dr. Cox contends that if you listen to the signals, your body will tell you who to connect with and who to avoid.

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The Muse Process: Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and Fulfillment by Dr. Barbara Cox

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