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Frankie Picasso: Embracing Change to Become Unstoppable

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Change is scary. It is also an opportunity.

And if we are too busy resisting change, we may end up passing on the opportunities—without even recognizing it.

Frankie Picasso has come to embrace change. After a serious motorcycle accident in 2003, she recreated her life and became a certified coach. Today, Picasso is an international SocialPreneur, talk show host and champion for change. She is the founder of The Good Media Network,

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Tracy Samantha Schmidt: From The Youngest Reporter at TIME To Sharing The Secrets To Social Media

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Just how good is your social media marketing strategy? Get some tips on how to become more social media savvy in today’s interview with Tracy Samantha Schmidt, a top social media educator and strategist who founded her own firm, Socially Authentic, to help enterprises improve their social media strategy design.

Tracy will talk about her experiences as a journalist for companies like Time Magazine, especially with how she started out by covering the rise of Facebook.

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Chris Tieri: Achieving Your Goals thru Grit and Relationships

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If there are two words that clearly define Chris Tieri, that’ll be grittiness and tenacity. But it’s the relationships she forges with clients that truly have brought her success.

In this week’s episode, Chris brings us back in time when she had to brave the rain to make anappointment with a creative director she’s been following for so long. She’ll show us why sometimes, talent and skills can only do so much.

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Pam Ivey: How Leaving A Corporate Job Brought Explosive Success

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“If you don’t get it out there, nothing’s gonna happen.”

Priceless advice from our guest, Pam Ivey

Pam is the founder of Pam Ivey International – an Ontario-based online marketing company.

Join Pam as she explains the essential elements of an effective, smart content marketing strategy. She’ll kick-off the show by explaining the importance of creating a client avatar and how this method helps to land new opportunities.

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Jennifer Fleming: Reinvent Your Image Relentlessly

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If there’s one tip Jennifer Fleming can share for leaders, it’s to have a relentless drive to learn new things and to reinvent themselves.

As a former IT professional, seasoned communicator, media insider and head of a PR firm, Tall Grass PR, Jennifer gives advice on giving successful interviews, standing out in the market place and positioning yourself for success.

She reveals her tips on how to project yourself well on and off the camera.

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