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Sharon Stanbury: How Patience is the Real Power in Business

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Change is key to the survival and the success of an organization; whether it’s an upgrade to a new email system or a paradigm shift towards gender equality.

With more than 30 years of corporate career, change catalyst Sharon Stanbury has seen the ups and downs of implementing key changes. And in this episode of The Female Red Zone, she shares valuable lessons, tips and insights for leaders who are on their way to promote changes in their organization.

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Susan L Combs: “4 Under 40” Leader Shares Secrets to Attracting More Women

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As immediate past president of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS), Susan L. Combs had to face challenges many executives are familiar with:

  • Leading large organization with diverse members
  • Dealing with business issues
  • Taking care of their family

Find out how she was able to be successful in being a leader, a business owner, and a wife.

Let her share with you key insights on how to better promote inclusion.

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Carolyn Paul: Finding and Keeping The Best People For Your Team

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How do you build a competent,  driven team in the midst of dynamic change in your organization? Are you doing the right things to keep your team motivated, move forward and produce?

Join Leadership Investment’s Woman of The Year, Carolyn Paul, as she discusses the importance of communicating and reaching out to your team in a personal level in order to bring progress to your organization.

Find out how she built her credibility and success in the financial services industry and how you can do it as well.

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Annemarie Shrouder: Powerful Solutions for Gender Diversity and Equity

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How can your organization build an environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration among a diverse group of people?

How do you deal with someone who has a different perspective from yours?

Join Annemarie Shrouder, the foremost expert on issues about diversity and equity, as she talks about the power of inclusion and its value in making diversity work in an organization.

She’ll discuss about the importance of “bringing down your blinders”

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Laura Fredricks: The Power of “The Ask” and How To Get What You Need

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Did you get a NO for an answer and decide not to ask again?
Do you think you deserve that promotion but you lack courage to ask?

Listen closely to this episode as Laura Fredricks instigates you, especially women, to ASK for that promotion, raise, or a vacation, and get that balanced life you deserve to have.


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