Becka Nieder: Tracking Your Progress Toward Health & Fitness Goals

The confidence you gain from incorporating healthy habits translates far beyond the gym. When you are working out, eating well and getting restorative sleep, you experience a total transformation that improves your performance in every area of life. So, what are the first steps to making health and fitness a priority? What strategies can you use to stay on track, making tangible progress toward your wellness goals? And what is the best approach to finding a nutrition plan that’s healthy for you?

Becka Nieder is the founder of Becka’s Boot Camp, a small group, circuit-style training program based in Chicago. Nieder offers clients individualized attention and every class includes a total body workout with a focus on functional movement. She received her BS in Physical and Dance Education from Northern Illinois University and a certification in Personal Training and Nutrition from the National Personal Training Institute. Nieder is also the creator of The Health & Fitness Journal, a system for tracking workouts, nutrition and progress toward goals along your wellness journey.

Today, Nieder discusses why it’s important to set actionable health goals that go beyond a number on the scale. She shares the power of accountability partners to help you stay on track and offers insight on using a health and fitness journal to gain an awareness of what you are eating—and why. Listen in for Nieder’s advice on finding the best nutrition plan for YOU and learn how tracking your exercise, water intake, nutrition and sleep can support you in improving your habits and overall health!

Key Interview Takeaways

Set holistic health goals that go beyond a number on the scale. Rather than focusing on attaining a certain weight, for example, Nieder suggests taking actionable steps to improve your endurance, strength, nutrition and sleep habits.

Stay on track with accountability partners. Nieder leverages small group training to build in a community of accountability. She also suggests posting your goals as a visible reminder.

Improving nutrition habits begins with awareness. Nieder encourages clients to write down what they are eating and how they feel at the time. This strategy helps you recognize patterns and understand exactly how close you are to healthy.

Elimination diets are one way to figure out what’s healthy for YOU. Diets like the Whole30 or Plant Paradox require you to restrict what you are eating in the beginning—and then slowly add things back in to determine what foods are best for you.

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