April Yvette: A Unique Approach to Identifying Your Tribe

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to identify the tribe you are here to serve. But what if you don’t know who you’re best equipped to help? April Yvette has a unique approach to defining your ideal audience: She mines data from her client’s most painful experiences as well as their triumphs to uncover their core genius—and whose problems they are most prepared to solve.

Yvette is a sales and marketing strategist who helps faith-based coaches, consultants, speakers and professional athletes share their stories with the world. She is also a motivational speaker who shares her own journey of struggling through single motherhood to launching her own business, inspiring audiences to believe they can overcome any obstacle. Yvette has appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, CNBC, FOX News and the FOX Business Network, among many other media outlets.

Today, Yvette shares her experience on Shark Tank and the lessons she learned around finding investors who are the right fit. She explains how her faith supports her in ‘stepping into the flow of life’ and getting comfortable with the unknown. She also offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, discussing how to nail down your big idea and overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Listen in for Yvette’s insight on identifying your tribe and learn how to attract the people you are here to serve!

Key Interview Takeaways

Just because your idea or service is not the right fit for a particular group doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else. Though the Shark Tank investors didn’t make Yvette an offer, her sales spiked and she landed two other investors when the show aired.

Step into the flow of life. Yvette cultivates a blind faith that God or source has a higher plan, and that allows her to get comfortable with the unknown.

Identify the tribe you are here to serve. Yvette mines data from her client’s most painful experiences as well as their triumphs to pinpoint their core genius and distinguish whose problems they are most equipped to solve. Then she crafts a marketing message to attract those people and grow her client’s businesses.

Take the time to nail down your big idea. Success may take more time than you expect. Yvette suggests ‘building a bridge’ and pursuing entrepreneurship on the side rather than giving up your full-time income.

When you’re on the edge of something great, old fears and limiting beliefs will surface. Yvette argues that external problems in business have an internal cause, and you must heal those old wounds in order to change the subconscious behaviors that are holding you back.

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One response on “April Yvette: A Unique Approach to Identifying Your Tribe

  1. unissa

    I used to live in Indianapolis, met you the first time on a plane while going to attend Brendon Burchard seminar in CA. We met again one more time for a lunch on the north side of town.
    I relocated back to Thailand two weeks ago and am living in Chiangmai, the northern part of Thailand. If you ever visit this part of the world contact me and I will show you around.
    Best wishes for you and your family. I know you are growing and growing all the time, congratulations!!!
    Have learned a lot from you, thank you dear!!!

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