Wendy Darling: Live, Love and Lead with Impact

Are you consumed with work, neglecting yourself and your relationships? What if you made the choice to focus on what matters and cultivate connection—with yourself and others? What if such a shift in your priorities would allow you to lead with greater impact and influence?

Relationship and Transformational Results Expert Wendy Darling is the founder of The Miraculous Living Institute. With 36-plus years of experience as a management and organizational consultant, master healer and coach, Darling has created the innovative Miraculous Living Method, a system that allows you to get the results you want with greater ease. She works with business leaders and their teams as well as private clients, and Darling trains other practitioners in her programs and methodology. She is the Amazon bestselling author of the groundbreaking book, The Miracle That is Your Life.

Today, Darling explains how she works with executives and their teams to bring the happy back into an organization by way of engagement and contribution. She shares her Live-Love-Lead philosophy, describing the importance of fostering purpose and relationships first—before you can lead with maximum impact and influence. Listen in for Darling’s insight around the Miraculous Living Method and learn how to overcome the misalignment that’s holding you back, identify your unique gifts, and share your greatness with the world!

Key Interview Takeaways

Unhappiness is caused by living a life of SHOULD. Rather than doing what you think you’re supposed to, ask yourself, “What can I contribute?”

Live, love and then lead. As a recovering workaholic, Darling had to learn to put her own oxygen mask on first. Now she prioritizes living a life that matters and cultivating relationships, and that allows her to lead with greater impact and influence.

Believe in miracles. Darling argues that each and every one of us is a walking miracle, and it is your job to share that greatness and make the mark on the world that only you can.

Get your mind in alignment with what you want. Darling’s Miraculous Living Method involves identifying what’s holding you back and then retraining your brain to overcome health issues, grow your business, manifest positive relationships, and ultimately make your dreams a reality.

Recognize just how special you are. Because your gifts are such a natural part of who you are, you may not realize your own uniqueness.

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The Miracle That is Your Life by Wendy Darling

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