Wendi Kelly: Stepping Over the Fear

Life can be a juggling act, and many women find themselves overwhelmed by the task of keeping those balls in the air. How do you make forward progress when you are just trying to make it through the day without dropping one?

Wendi Kelly is an author, artist and transformation coach who teaches clients to blast through the negative thoughts, patterns and habits that are preventing them from creating the life they envision. She helps other writers and small business owners build a mindset of self-efficacy and develop the discipline necessary to take one small step each day as they work toward the life of their dreams.

Kelly has co-authored five novels with her writing partner, Deborah Dorchak, including the Bonds of Blood and Spirit series: Loyalties, Uncivi
l Wars
, Reclamations and Legacies. The first book in their second saga, Tau’s Pride: Storms, is also available.

When Kelly isn’t writing or coaching clients, she is leading workshops and delivering keynotes for groups who want to learn how to live a creative, inspired life. Listen as she explores the reasons why so many women get stuck and shares her approach to ‘stepping over the fear.’


Key Interview Takeaways

In writing fiction, you must know the ending – yet be flexible in how you get there. Kelly and her co-writer always know the purpose of the chapter they are working on, but they are often surprised by the what happens along the way.

There is no such thing as writer’s block. In writing and in life, fears, expectations, judgements and comparisons can stop you from moving forward. The secret is to focus on your work and the message.

One reason many women get stuck is because they feel that in order to be ‘good enough,’ they must be ‘better than.’ Kelly advises choosing one of the most important balls you are juggling, and moving it forward … just a little bit.

You will never stop being afraid. You just have to step over the fear and keep going.

Say it out loud. When you share your fear, you learn that you’re not alone.

Transformation is about figuring out how to take that one small step each day – and doing it with consistency. We get more powerful when we act with integrity, aligning our behavior with the things we said we would do.

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