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Judy Weintraub: Write The Book Inside of You

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Everybody has a book inside of them. Join Judy Weintraub as she talks about writing your own book and making a name for yourself.

Judy is an attorney, entrepreneur and business executive. As a founder of SkillBites – a book writing service company – she’ll share the benefits of writing your book in terms of credibility, marketability and customer awareness. Listen as she talks about a popular topic: self-publish or get a publisher?

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Jennifer Fleming: Reinvent Your Image Relentlessly

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If there’s one tip Jennifer Fleming can share for leaders, it’s to have a relentless drive to learn new things and to reinvent themselves.

As a former IT professional, seasoned communicator, media insider and head of a PR firm, Tall Grass PR, Jennifer gives advice on giving successful interviews, standing out in the market place and positioning yourself for success.

She reveals her tips on how to project yourself well on and off the camera.

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Linda Kaplan Thaler: From Grit to Great-Resiliance Over Talent

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“If you have resiliance you can do anything.”

Linda is the founder of Publicis Kaplan Thaler. She’s responsible for some of America’s most iconic campaigns, including the Aflac duck and Clariol Herbal Essence ads. Linda has also authored and composed jingles that are among the most beloved in the American pop culture like “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m A Toys ‘R’ Us Kid” and “Kodak Moments”.

Linda will teach you the key to success based on what she observed in her life and from people like Colin Powell,

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Candy Barone: From Whistleblower to Sales Leader – An Empowering Conversation

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Is your workforce entitled or looking for meaning?

Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in and let your voice be heard?

How do you develop your team in such a way that you leverage their strengths and make their weakness almost non-existent?

Why you need to embrace change NOW and be open in accepting the fact that Millennials holds the key to your company’s future?

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Jill Douka: How To Create Real Love- Even If You Grew Up Dysfunctional (and we all did)

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With the steady increase of relationships failing around the world, how do we make ours stronger and more fruitful?

What can we do to guarantee a healthy communication not only with people we work with but with ourselves as well?

Let 2-time TedX speaker, relationship mentor and author Jill Douka show you how to have a well-balanced relationship that produce lasting results on a personal and professional level.

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