Shinjini Das: The Go-Getter Girl

Shinjini Das is the Founder and CEO of Das Media Group, a boutique digital content creation marketing house that works to help brands amplify their messages and connect with their audience in an authentic way through social media and live events. In addition, the company offers digital brand coaching to get businesses online.

Known as the Go-Getter Girl, Das is also a keynote speaker, television personality and global millennial influencer with a social media following of 96K+. She has been interviewed on ABS, CBS, NBC, FOX, Sirius XM and Business Insider. In 2016, she was invited to moderate a panel at the UN for The Commission on the Status of Women with the aims of ending violence against women and streamlining resources for rape victims.

Das’ background in industrial engineering informs her efforts to broaden international access to girls’ education as she works to inspire and empower young women to explore coding, engineering and programming – giving them the tools to create, not just consume.


Key Interview Takeaways

The ability to appeal to a broader demographic is an incredibly valuable skill. Das finds it timely for her to be front and center as a young woman of color, and her ability to relate to many different people is instrumental in her ability to connect and share ideas.

All worlds are one when it comes to data. Das’ background in business was reliant on analytics, but she was surprised to see that numbers are an important component of the non-profit world as well, where initiatives rely on data.

Girls need early exposure to STEM subjects. Das argues that girls need to get hooked in their teens with opportunities to code and gain an understanding of programming. Whether this leads to a career in engineering or not, technology is the future and exploring the ‘why’ behind the apps we use is imperative and empowering.

Be your own role model “who looks like you.” Das was in a minority in the engineering world, where only 18% are women. But she rejected the irrational stereotype that girls are not good at math and excelled in a career that seemed to be made for her.

A go-getter girl makes life happen for her. Whether your focus is your family or a fast-paced career, choose your path and pursue it with everything you’ve got.

Rely on your intuition. Das struggled with the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship because it is a risk that comes with a lot of pressure. But she is self-aware enough to know that she made the right move, and despite what others might say, “You know what’s best for you.”

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