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What is your soul story?

The collection of life experiences that have shaped you, the challenges that have brought you to a place of self-awareness… Those moments form the personal narrative that sets you apart. And if you want to make a true impact in the world, you must learn to articulate your soul story and share it, inspiring other people and moving them to action.

Odette Peek had it all. She had built a seven-figure business in the real estate market and seemed to be enjoying all the external markers of success. That’s when she suffered the personal crisis that forced her to take a good hard look at herself and start over with a new mission: to help entrepreneurs and leaders share their own powerful stories with the world. Today, Peek is a professional speaker, business coach and TEDx alumni working to help her clients identify and amplify their soul stories, heal past wounds and develop the mindset necessary to live lives of power and purpose—without guilt or apology.

On this episode of The Female Insight Zone, Peek shares the story of the personal meltdown that uncovered her current mission. She explains the personal development work she did to foster self-awareness, face her own fear of vulnerability, and forgive the people in her past—as well as herself. Listen in as Peek offers insight around getting clear on the guts of your own soul story and sharing your unique vision with the world.

Key Interview Takeaways

Our greatest challenges often grow into the gift we share. Peek credits the personal crisis she endured as ‘the best thing that ever happened’ because it gave her the opportunity to take a hard look at who she was and begin to heal past wounds.

You can be successful AND gracious at the same time. Peek worked with a mindset coach to face her fears around showing vulnerability and start attracting people rather than repelling them.

Change begins with awareness and admission. Before you can decide HOW to go about changing your life, dig into WHO you are and WHY you do what you do.

Bookend your day with forgiveness: Start strong and end with peace. Peek contends that examining the past and working to forgive yourself and others is an ongoing journey that she attends to every day—morning and night.

Uncover your soul story. Peek argues that entrepreneurs must share their unique experiences with the world in a way that not only inspires but moves people into action.

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Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, and Find Peace in Any Situation by Colin Tipping

Odette Peak at TEDxMississauga

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