Nikki Barua: Accelerating Digital Transformation

How can Fortune 500 companies compete in a technology-driven era? As emerging startups adapt quickly and disrupt industry after industry, traditional businesses have no choice but to undergo a digital transformation, to be as agile as up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Nikki Barua is the founder and CEO of Beyond Curious, a sought-after consultancy that partners with large companies to accelerate digital transformation. Barua started the company in 2011 with the intention of helping big companies innovate like startups, and she has made it her mission to support business leaders in gaining a clarity of purpose as they guide organizations through change. Barua is an award-winning entrepreneur, and her story has been featured in national media including Fortune, Forbes and CNBC. She is also the author of Beyond Barriers: How to Unlock Your Limitless Potential.

Today, Barua explains how she got into the business of ‘making elephants run,’ discussing the challenging early days of her business and how she persevered despite a 100% rejection rate. She describes the work of Beyond Curious as a catalyst for change, walking us through the transformation of products, capabilities and culture facilitated by her team. Listen in for Barua’s insight on diversity as the fuel for innovation and learn how digital transformation affords large companies the adaptability to remain competitive in a technology-driven world.


Key Interview Takeaways

The #1 skill set is adaptability. Barua built her business on the idea of ‘making elephants run,’ helping Fortune 500 companies develop the ability to be as agile and quick to pivot as emerging startups.

Solicit feedback every time. Barua’s RFP was rejected eleven times before she landed her first big client, and she credits her eventual success to the fact that she applied their feedback to make the proposal better each time—closing the gap between their needs and what she had to offer.

Get to the island and burn the boat. Barua believed in her vision for Beyond Curious, and she didn’t have a Plan B. This forced her to tap into a next-level resourcefulness, creativity and persistence that pushed her forward.

To compete in a technology-driven era, traditional companies must undergo a digital transformation. Beyond Curious supports companies in rethinking their business model, translating ideas to products faster, and adapting their culture to facilitate innovation.

Diversity is the fuel for innovation. Barua sees a connection between embracing diversity and adopting a growth mindset, and she argues that diversity is a competency companies need in order to thrive and adapt to change.

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Beyond Barriers: How to Unlock Your Limitless Potential by Nikki Barua

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