Nicola Grace: Monetize Your Mission

In a perfect world, we love the work we do. We find a career that affords us the opportunity to succeed, to be happy, to make a significant social impact. Today’s guest argues that this kind of serendipity is possible for every one of us, and the secret lies in clarifying your purpose and designing a business model in alignment with that purpose.

Nicola Grace, the Mission Mentor, is an award-winning strategist and bestselling author. She helps entrepreneurs, professionals and visionaries monetize their life’s purpose to transform the world and build their legacy. Grace leverages her skill as an intuitive visionary to support business owners, social entrepreneurs and thought leaders in defining their mission and making a lasting impact.

Grace credits her own mission with seeing her through a number of obstacles: She has overcome cancer and saved New Zealand’s billion-dollar natural health industry from ruin. Today she shares her secret sauce with the Female Insight Zone audience, explaining the benefits of an inside-out approach to business, how mindset can prevent us from realizing our true purpose, and why the business model comes before marketing. Listen in and learn how to monetize your mission and make a meaningful contribution to humanity.


Key Interview Takeaways

 You must clarify (and then monetize) your purpose to contribute to humanity. Everyone has something they are here to do, and if you can clearly define your mission, Grace contends that passion will lead to the success of your business.

Take an inside-out approach to business. In the 1950’s, a business was 48% likely to fail. Today, a business is 90% likely to fail, despite the fact that we know more than ever before. At issue is the business model. Start with the idea of how you will contribute to the planet, and that calling will keep you moving forward when things get difficult.

Monetization is bigger than the exchange of products and services for money. Consider the legacy you want to leave behind, and leverage that to diversify—and stand the test of time.

If you’re struggling to define your purpose, examine the options you are discounting. Grace argues that our minds often prevent us from discovering our mission by acting as a baseball bat, whacking away ideas because we can’t imagine we’re capable.

Define your business model first, market yourself second. Too many people start marketing before they have really ironed out their purpose. Grace suggests that you can’t gain traction without a clear foundation in place.

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