Mary Pat Knight: Transforming Leadership Through EQ

Financial results drive corporations, and this laser focus on achieving monetary goals often means a neglect in the areas of personal development and emotional intelligence. But the fact of the matter is that honing these skills does have a positive impact on the bottom line, as authentic leaders can both create a higher level of engagement among employees and inspire teams to perform at a higher level.

Mary Pat Knight is a sought-after transformation strategist, business coach, and EQ expert. Her training programs help corporate leaders sharpen their emotional intelligence to attain high-level, authentic leadership. As the founder and CEO of Leaders Inspired, Knight employs a transformational process to guide executives through times of change, motivate employee engagement and create healthy teams. She is passionate about helping executives lead from the heart while producing phenomenal business results.

Knight boasts more than 30 years of experience in the areas of executive coaching, operations, strategic planning, marketing and HR. Today she explains the value of dedicating work time to personal development, emotional intelligence and leadership, offering her insight on the bottom-line impact this training can have on businesses. She discusses her experience watching women wear masks to protect themselves in the corporate environment, and how that led to her commitment to the development of authentic leaders. Listen in for Knight’s take on using your voice to be the greater good in the world and making a commitment to your own personal development.


Key Interview Takeaways

Organizations would do well to dedicate time to personal development, emotional intelligence, and leadership. Knight argues that this commitment would not only impact the corporate environment, it would positively effect families, communities and the world at large.

Personal development and emotional intelligence training have a positive bottom-line impact on businesses. Organizations with a commitment to personal leadership create a high level of engagement among employees and retain leaders who inspire teams to perform at a higher level.

Creating a heart-based culture has a positive impact on sales. Knight works with a large heating and air conditioning company that shifted their approach to customer interaction and saw an increase in profits as a result.

Use your voice to be the greater good in the world. It is important for us women to find and then sustain our voices, rather than donning a mask that keeps us small.

We lose when we protect ourselves. Knight experienced a game-changing moment watching her marketing team lose their authenticity in the board room, leading her to a career in HR training and development.

Make a commitment to your own personal development. Knight continues to hone her own emotional intelligence through spiritual communities, heart-felt professional groups, coaching organizations, therapy, books and mentors.

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