MarBeth Dunn: Harnessing Your Miracle Power

There are things you simply cannot control in your personal and professional life… But you CAN control your thoughts—and thoughts have the power to change reality. If you have been feeling like a victim of circumstance, it’s time to shift your perspective, connect with the divine and harness your miracle power.

MarBeth Dunn is a mindset, success and happiness coach with 30-plus years of experience in spiritual teaching. She trains business professionals to create personal and economic miracles, using her intuitive abilities and the powerful Miracle Activation Technology system to offer clients greater confidence, financial success and emotional freedom. Dunn has been featured on several media outlets across the US, including FOX, CBS and NBC.

Today, Dunn shares the personal story of how she harnessed the ability to change her thoughts and attract miracles in her personal and professional life. She explains the value in cultivating peace in order to ‘ride the coattails of the divine.’ Listen in for Dunn’s insight on visualizing the situations you want to create and reframing negativity by asking, ‘What good could come of this?’

Key Interview Takeaways

Thoughts can change your reality. Many years ago, Dunn was struggling in her business and personal life, seeing herself as a victim. The moment she realized that the ability to change her thoughts gave her power, miracles started to happen.

There is no such thing as an idle thought. Every thought has power.

Cultivate peace. Dunn contends that you always have the choice to get embroiled in conflict or opt for peace, and peace affords a connection with the divine.

Reframe a situation by asking, ‘What good could come of this?’ A shift in perspective leaves you open to possibilities—and frees you from being locked into desperation.

Visualize yourself in the situation you want to create. If you need new clients, for example, visual yourself interacting with new clients and feeling good about it.

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