Makaylah Rogers: Shift Your Money Mindset and Transform Your Life

It is true that money can’t buy happiness… But if you’ve ever felt the stress of struggling to pay the bills, you might argue that having enough cash on hand to cover baseline expenses can, in fact, buy you the freedom to pursue happiness.

Makaylah Rogers has always been a little bit of a rebel. When it came time to follow the rules and choose a career path, Rogers felt trapped by the idea of going to college. She took a gap year to consider her options and ultimately decided that no university had a degree plan for her true passion – humanitarianism. This led her to forge her own path to achieve success and financial freedom, and she has pursued a diverse career that includes entrepreneurship, real estate sales and keynote speaking.

A thought leader for her generation, Rogers has launched a number of startups. Her current venture is, an online platform that is changing the way we think about money. As Co-Founder and CEO, Makaylah is on a mission to educate the public through’s free content and training programs, shaking things up with a no-BS approach to finances and establishing a new normal. Listen in as she shares her philosophy around money, the two keys to financial freedom, and how can help you get out of the rat race. Learn to see your financial situation in a new way and design a fulfilling life – that isn’t about money.


Key Interview Takeaways is a movement that seeks to create a new financial normal. Rogers questions why we are so driven by money, yet afraid to talk about it, and she is on a mission to offer the public financial literacy and rewrite the rules about life and money.

Life should not be about money. Life should be about finding fulfillment, and money should simply be handled by the systems we’ve put in place.

Financial freedom is a number. If you need $5,000 a month to cover baseline expenses, you should have a source of income that provides $5,000 a month – that you are not trading for your time.

Financial freedom is about cashflow. Net worth is less important than how much money you have working for you, so that you can do what truly inspires you. employs a multi-tiered approach to getting out of the rat race. 96% of people never reach financial security, so Rogers’ site provides 1) free content to help them think differently about money, and 2) training programs to guide them through a customized step-by-step process within a private community.

Entrepreneurs must create financial freedom outside of their business. Too many business owners don’t have a consistent personal income from their business, so requires them to start with the end in mind, and create a plan tailored to their notion of financial freedom.

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