Lori Webb: The Power of an Experience

Lori Webb

Lori Webb is a professional speaker, writer and workshop facilitator who specializes in international entrepreneurial trends, tech innovations and the power of experience. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, she serves clients all over the world via her company, Indspark!, which allows Webb the opportunity to inform, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs and companies looking to innovate.

Webb’s coaching, training facilitation and publishing endeavors complement her belief in the power of experience to help people make a change, grow their knowledge-base, or simply increase their joy. She combines her zest for life with the way she crafts her client experience, and Webb has reached an audience of a million-plus utilizing both traditional and digital media.

On this episode, Webb addresses the importance of being inspired in your work and the benefits of bringing creativity and a cross-cultural experience to the table.


Key Interview Takeaways

While focus is necessary to achieve proficiency in a particular area, you don’t have to focus on just one thing throughout your life. Webb concedes that her extensive curiosity and desire to be “president of everything” may have caused her grades to suffer in high school, but the rich and varied life experience she gained through that wide-ranging involvement became a strength in that she can communicate with anyone, speaking to sports, leadership, etc.

“We need to be happy in this lifetime.” When Webb coaches clients, her focus is not just on helping them identify opportunity and make money, but also uncovering what they truly want to achieve. Only when we have acquired a certain level of joy do we have the resources within ourselves to be accept and be kind to one another.

The old model of delayed gratification (work, retire, then live your life) is broken in the 21st century. Rather than being loyal to a company, Webb argues that we need to be loyal to ourselves. “By doing what you feel good about … you create a vibration in the world that empowers others to do the same.”

Things you may think are insurmountable are not. Webb contends that very few things cannot be done with the right people, the right mindset and the tenacity to keep moving forward.

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Webb Books: https://www.amazon.com/Lori-Webb/e/B006PMR35M

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