Laura Brandao: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

How do you turn a part-time job in a call center into a career? How do you grow your business when everyone else is downsizing? How do you become a C-suite leader in an industry dominated by men? Laura Brandao contends that the answer lies in making the most of every opportunity.

Brandao is the President of American Financial Resources, a wholesale firm that serves thousands of mortgage professionals and customers nationwide with their residential financing needs. Brandao was honored as one of 2018’s Most Influential Women in the Mortgage Industry, one of 2017’s Mortgage Business Hot 100, and one of the 50 Elite Women in the Mortgage Industry—three times! She has 20-plus years of experience building strong teams, consistently leading new divisions from launch to industry leadership.

Today, Brandao shares her journey from the call center to the C-suite, discussing how she survived the implosion of the mortgage industry to become president of AFR. She speaks to the importance of a strong work ethic and passion for the work you do. Brandao also reflects on her achievements in an industry dominated by men, explaining how a laser focus on making a name for AFR contributed to her success. Listen in for Brandao’s insight on making the most of every opportunity and hear her advice around differentiating yourself to remain relevant in your marketplace.

Key Interview Takeaways

Look for the opportunity in every role you take on. Brandao turned a part-time job in a call center into a career, and she attributes her success to the attitude that every position is what you make of it.

Show up every day. Brandao’s strong work ethic comes from her family, and she has always been committed to giving 110% every day, no matter who she works for or how much money she makes.

Focus on getting the job done. Brandao rarely thinks about being one of the few women in leadership in the mortgage industry because she is too busy making a name for her company.

Differentiate yourself. Brandao is proud to be a female leader in the mortgage space, and she argues that where you come from doesn’t matter if you go beyond the day-to-day and find unique ways to be relevant in your marketplace.

Understand your value. Brandao focuses on the fact that she gets to ‘bring families home every day,’ and the opportunity to impact other’s lives inspires her to do her best work.

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