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Katie Goodman is an award-winning musical comic, actress, author, speaker and social activist. As the creator and headliner of Broad Comedy, an internationally touring satirical show, is co-produced and co-written with her husband, Soren Kisiel, Katie’s edgy blend of politics, feminism and music makes her one of the most exciting comedians working today.

Born and raised in Brookline, MA, Katie was drafted into politics early. As the daughter of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Ellen Goodman, Katie was raised on the importance of addressing social issues. She made her directorial debut in the 2nd grade with the ironic choice of the musical Really Rosie, a story of a precocious child directing and starring in her own musical. And from there she set out on the path of writing and performing. Her subsequent projects have been, shall we say, a little edgier.

Along with her solo show, and work with Broad Comedy, Katie and her husband run a theater camp, now in its 21st year for 250 high-energy, theatre-obsessed children.

On this episode, Goodman talks about why some women are unwilling to call themselves a feminist and an experience that taught her the importance of speaking up where it makes a difference and when it’s worth it.


Key Interview Takeaways

Many younger women don’t want to call themselves a “feminist” because they’ve grown up in a feminist world and therefore take it for granted. Taking it for granted isn’t a bad thing but we need to remember that there is still work to be done.

Comedy is a great place to talk about social issues because it makes people step back and listen with perspective.

It’s important to identify the things that inspire you as well as the things that will create burnout.

For Goodman, it’s important to know where and when to speak up. Where it makes a difference and when it’s worth it.

The format of social media encourages bullying because many people feel like they aren’t doing it to real people.

Connect with Katie Goodman


Twitter: twitter.com/katiegoodman

Instagram: instagram.com/thekatiegoodman

Facebook: facebook.com/KatieGoodmanComedian

Youtube: youtube.com/user/broadcomedy


Improvisation for the Spirit – By Katie Goodman



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