Jessica Nazarali: Building a Business and Life You Love

We work very hard to make the world think we have it all together. From the outside looking in, a successful woman with a good corporate job and a solid network of friends and family seems to be living the dream. It is possible, however, to have your ducks in a row – yet still feel like something is missing. What if you could create a business of your own, doing work that inspires you?

Jessica Nazarali had the perfect life. She had just gotten engaged, and she had a great job in business development for an IT company, selling reward and recognition software. But as sat in her kitchen chatting with her best friend, Jessica had to admit that something was missing. She didn’t feel as if her work made a difference, and though she genuinely liked her colleagues, the prospect of spending another 20 or 30 years at the company was downright depressing.

In 2011, Nazarali started a blog to share her passion for health, wellness, and personal development with an online audience. She gained traction quickly, and after 18 months, health professionals who followed her blog were asking for advice about developing an online presence to attract clients. Nazarali leveraged her understanding how to grow a following in the online space to launch a consulting business, and seven months in, she was making enough money to quit her corporate job and build a business of her own, doing the work she truly loves. Today she explains the offerings available through It Girl Academy, including the Coaching and Business Mastery Certifications. Listen in to learn how Nazareli became an entrepreneur, and how she can help you develop a marketing plan for your online business or become a coach yourself!


Key Interview Takeaways

If your life looks perfect from the outside, but you still feel like something is missing, it’s time for self-reflection. While she was still working a corporate job, Nazarali started her blog to focus on health, wellness and personal development. Her experience in the online space introduced her to entrepreneurship and coaching – and eventually led to her current work with It Girl Academy.

If you’re leaving a dependable corporate job to become an entrepreneur, build your business as a side hustle before taking the full-time plunge into self-employment. Nazarali wrote her blog for 18 months before consulting opportunities began to present themselves. She maintained her full-time job for another seven months and didn’t walk away from the corporate world until she was consistently making $3,000 to $7,000 a month through her consulting business.

The It Girl offerings include a coaching certification, a business development program, and a personal development package. While the coaching certification program focuses on interpersonal skills, the business development coaching package emphasizes evergreen marketing and offers entrepreneurs a method for attracting consistent clients without the stress of a big launch.

When people approach you for advice, PAY ATTENTION. Nazarali had gained traction quickly as a blogger, and 18 months in she had two people (in a two-week period) ask for help setting up a blog of their own to attract clients. She took this a sign and offered consulting services in her newsletter, selling 21 packages in eight weeks!

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