Frankie Picasso: Embracing Change to Become Unstoppable

Change is scary. It is also an opportunity.

And if we are too busy resisting change, we may end up passing on the opportunities—without even recognizing it.

Frankie Picasso has come to embrace change. After a serious motorcycle accident in 2003, she recreated her life and became a certified coach. Today, Picasso is an international SocialPreneur, talk show host and champion for change. She is the founder of The Good Media Network, a platform to help nonprofits reach a wider audience and connect with potential donors, and a professional artist whose work has been featured in the International Book of Contemporary Artists. Picasso is also the author of Midlife Mojo and No Bull Allowed.

On this episode of The Female Insight Zone, Picasso defines what it means to be a SocialPreneur, explaining how her work makes a positive impact in the world. She discusses her coaching practice and how she helps clients navigate the danger and opportunity that accompanies change. Listen in for Picasso’s insight around the significance of understanding what you value and how to leverage Midlife Mojo as a prescription for change.

Key Interview Takeaways

SocialPreneurs are dedicated to doing good things in the world. Picasso is passionate about having a positive social impact through her work as an artist and as the founder of The Good Media Network.

Change happens best in chaos. Transforming your life involves both danger and opportunity, and Picasso’s coaching practice is about helping people navigate the fear to take advantage of the opportunities.

Understand what you value. Identify the places where your values and your life are not in alignment and you reveal where change is necessary.

Midlife Mojo is a prescription for change. Picasso’s book seeks to help readers identify the underlying automatic commitments that are holding them back, overcome their fears and become UNSTOPPABLE.

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