Dr. Judith Wright: Unleash Your Feminine (and Masculine) Power

Dr. Judith Wright is a well-known speaker, bestselling author, world-class coach and corporate consultant. Her impressive resume includes roles as Professor of Transformational Coaching at the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential and President of the Wright Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals bring out their best selves, both personally and professionally. Dr. Wright is also the Founder of the Society of Femininity in Action (SOFIA), which provides revolutionary leadership training for women.

Known as the World’s Ultimate Expert, Dr. Wright has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah and the Today Show. Her work has appeared in 80-plus print publications including Marie Claire, Health and The New York Daily News. She has also authored several books on transformational methodologies such as Transformed, The One Decision, The Soft Addiction Solution and The Heart of the Fight.

A pioneer in the field of human development, Dr. Wright first rose to national prominence by developing innovative education and early childhood development programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Motivated to share the profound insights she learned regarding human potential with the general population, she has spent the last 27 years honoring a commitment to inspire personal transformation in people from all walks of life. On this episode of the podcast, Wright discusses the concept of transformational leadership, the particular leadership skills women bring to the table, and the importance of social/emotional intelligence.


Key Interview Takeaways

Transformational leadership is about touching the minds and hearts of the people you lead. A leader who is on the path to her own transformation is one who can impact change in the people around her and ultimately the organization or business she is guiding.

To achieve authenticity, women in leadership must honor both their feminine and masculine power. It is important for women to unleash their feminine power (i.e.: sensitivity, emotional intelligence) and utilize their masculine power (i.e.: assertion, aggression) in service of their feminine values.

Research shows that the strengths women bring to the table benefit the bottom line. Women create better teams by fostering engagement, and companies with several female managers and board members make more money.

People who are led by their deeper yearnings achieve a higher quality of life, regardless of the challenges they face. Dr. Wright’s work with the developmentally disabled taught her that the power of the human spirit allows individuals to overcome big barriers – as long as those individuals let their intuition guide their behavior.

Social/emotional intelligence must be taught in early childhood. Dr. Wright has developed elementary curriculum to teach powerful life skills such as self-management and social awareness.

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