Claire Akin: Creating a Memorable Personal Brand

What is the secret to creating a successful personal brand? How do you make yourself memorable? Why do you need to share your WHY? What role does content marketing play in helping you connect with potential clients?

Claire Akin is the founder of Indigo Marketing, a firm dedicated to helping financial advisors and third-party administrators grow their business. Prior to starting her own venture, Akin served as an Investment Advisor at Thomas J. Dobransky & Associates, and she earned her BA in economics from UC Davis and her MBA in marketing at UC San Diego. Akin is also the author of the popular book, The LinkedIn Guide for Financial Advisors: Six Steps to Identify Qualified Prospects and Generate Referrals.

Today, Akin explains how she made the decision to start her own firm, describing how she created offerings around client needs. She also offers insight into running a business, discussing the importance of focusing on metrics that drive success and outsourcing everything you can. Listen in for Akin’s advice on creating a memorable personal brand and learn how she balances career and family through strong routines and accountability partners.

Key Interview Takeaways

The riches are in the niches. Akin’s side project, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center, has eclipsed her primary business in terms of revenue by establishing her as the go-to expert in that specialty.

Focus on the metrics that drive success. Looking at her numbers (site visitors, webinar registrations, sales calls, etc.) on a weekly basis keeps Akin honest about the performance of her business.

Outsource everything you can. Build a talented team and delegate anything that is not a good use of your time.

Create memorable branding and tell your personal story. Make it easy for people to remember you and explain why you are passionate about what you do.

The secret to content marketing is consistency. Akin’s weekly blog posts keep her top-of-mind with financial advisors and drive her business. She contends that you should give away 90% of what you know about a subject in the spirit of helping people.

To balance career and family, develop strong routines. Akin builds time into her day to get specific things done, and she outsources accountability to experts such as a business coach and personal trainer.

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