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Marie Rand: Changing The Course of Living & Giving in Non-Profits and Broadway

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In this episode, Marie Rand, co-founder and managing director of phaware global association and manager of a Broadway production company, talks about the steps she has been taking to bring global awareness to pulmonary hypertension (PH), a complex lung disease which currently has no cure.

She relates her own fight for her daughter’s life against the disease, and how she has been helping the PH community by bringing her expertise into the nonprofit field.

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Debra Ruh: Inclusion for People with Disabilities is Not a Charity

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Debra explains how accommodating to specific needs of employees can increase the productivity and culture of an organization – just like what happened to Cisco and Cannon.

As a global disability inclusion strategist, Debra discusses how global corporations and governments are taking measures to integrate people with disability into the workforce.

Being a longtime entrepreneur, Debra shares her adventures and misadventures in creating her businesses. Things like building a for-profit organization,

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Nancy Wright: Not Your Grandma’s Girl Scouts

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In this episode, Nancy Wright, CEO for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, invites us to remember and re-learn the real-world skills that the Girl Scouts offer. Things like leadership, confidence and love for the community. Plus, she’ll discuss different programs available for Girl Scouts –from STEM to business communication.

She’ll also share a story about her father, and how their conversation inspired Nancy to find a way to serve the community.

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Elaine Bedel: Fast Growing Firm Powered by Loyal Employees and a Competitive, Courageous and Giving Spirit

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Being competitive is a healthy trait.

As CEO and Owner of Bedel Financial Consulting, Elaine shares her insights on how to build a successful career in the financial services – especially for women. She gives her list of things someone must possess before they go out and build their own business. Among other things, she’ll talk about the ways on how to earn your team’s loyalty and respect.


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Rina Raman: Fortune 500 Technology Executive with 11 Patents – A role model for others

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Meet Rina Raman: a technology executive with at least 11 patents granted in her name.

And in this episode, she’ll talk about her involvement in the technology field and discusses the influx of women into the STEM field and what should be done to encourage such growth.

Next, Rina tackles the best solution to encourage young women to be involved in powerful careers like hers.

As one of the few women in the STEM field,

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