Brie Wieselman: Prioritizing Health to Make Your Greatest Contribution

“I meet way too many women who are passionate and purposeful and committed

to what they’re about in the world. But they are exhausted.”

Driven women, especially entrepreneurs, play full out to achieve their vision. But too many of us do so at the expense of our health, overriding our bodies’ needs until we are too depleted to make our greatest contribution to the world or take any pleasure in the wins. What can we do to prioritize our wellbeing and find a little more balance in our lives?

Brie Wieselman, LAc, MTCM, is the Clinical Director of Brie Wieselman Integrative Health, a practice focused on supporting women entrepreneurs in optimizing their health. Wieselman has 11 years of experience as a functional medicine and acupuncture practitioner, and she is dedicated to empowering people to resolve their health issues for good. Wieselman believes that good health is the springboard for living an inspired life, and she combines the best in Eastern philosophies with the best in Western medicine to heal chronic health problems.

Today, Wieselman describes how she solved her own health challenges through changes in lifestyle and nutrition as well as targeted supplements. She explains why it is just as important to develop a strategy for health outcomes as it is to develop a strategy to achieve results in business. Wieselman also discusses how our bodies respond to chronic stress and what we can do to treat adrenal fatigue and restore optimal function. Listen in for Wieselman’s insight on prioritizing your health and sustaining the creativity and passion that motivated you to begin with!

Key Interview Takeaways

Your body has always got your back. Wieselman points out that your body is doing its best to help you survive and thrive. To solve her own health challenges, she listened to her body’s clues and treated herself in a targeted way.

Many ambitious women play full out—at the exclusion of their body’s needs. Wieselman argues that when our health is compromised, we cannot make our biggest contribution, nor can we sustain the creativity and passion we had for our work to begin with.

Prioritize your health and wellbeing. Developing a strategy to commit to your health and wellness is just as important as developing a strategy to achieve results in business.

We are not designed to withstand the effects of chronic stress. The constant stimulation we experience releases extra cortisol and leads to adrenal dysregulation.

A functional medicine practitioner can design a personalized supplement program to reprogram your body’s function. Once testing has determined where your hormone levels are out of balance, herbs and nutrients can be used to ensure you’re getting the right amount of cortisol at the right time of day.

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One response on “Brie Wieselman: Prioritizing Health to Make Your Greatest Contribution

  1. Terri

    Dr Weiselman, I learned much from hearing you last night on the Gut/M Rescue Summit. I’m in need of some serious help with my digestion causing very severe flare up of burning, stinging pain in my neck, Occipitut, scalp and upper Thoracic Spine after I eat. I am Celiac and have awful Fibromyalgia. I’ve been on Lyrica 8 1/2 yrs; it may be causing some Leaky Gut ??. It’s all I have for pain other than CBD. I do have a Primary Care Dr but he doesn’t know how to help me with how food triggers hours of pain. I had food sensitivity testing in June and it showed I’m still sensitive to the foods I already avoid. I would like your recommendations. I live in NW Ga.

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