Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace: Millennial Entrepreneurship


Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace are the creators of the babysitting exchange platform Komae. As young moms, they established a cooperative to exchange free babysitting services with other parents they knew and trusted. That idea grew into Komae, an app that allows more people to utilize the solution they found for themselves and form communities of trusted caregivers.

Husted brings a strategic mind to the company. She is responsible for internal management, social media marketing and content management. Wallace employs visionary thinking to the managing of public relations, networking and sales. Both earned Bachelor of Science degrees in psychology at Baldwin-Wallace College and pursued careers before becoming stay-at-home moms and now successful entrepreneurs.

On this episode of the podcast, Husted and Wallace explore the strengths they bring to the table as Millennials, explain how Komae works and share advice for turning an idea into an enterprise.


Key Interview Takeaways

Because millennials grew up with the gift of technology, they utilize available resources and innovate to develop creative, simple solutions. Husted and Wallace contend that apps like Airbnb and Komae illustrate efficiency and industriousness in a sharing economy.

Parents today spend more time with their kids than they did in the 1960’s! As we work to keep children safe and protected, we are more engaged in our kids’ lives and the activities they pursue. Komae gives parents guilt-free time to themselves by providing a “village” of trusted caregivers.

Set aside time every day to spend thinking about your goal. As first-time entrepreneurs, Husted and Wallace know how overwhelming it can be to realize an idea. Their advice is to take it one day at a time and “move to the next dot.” Soon, the dots begin to connect and the thought becomes a reality.

Need funding? Get creative. The founders of Komae began with a successful Kickstarter campaign and then learned about pitch competitions. To date, they have won six such contests in order to finance the development of their company.

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