Amanda Boleyn: Powerhouse Female Entrepreneur


Amanda Boleyn is the host of She Did It Her Way, a podcast where she features savvy female entrepreneurs from across the globe to learn their behaviors, mindsets and business models. The podcast has received much recognition, being named one of Forbes’ 12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and’s Top 24 Exceptional Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in 2017.

Boleyn is an entrepreneur herself, consulting with large organizations to implement sales, leadership development and employee engagement trainings. She has worked with more than 10,000 individuals in multiple industries, including telecom, health care, tech and banking. Boleyn believes that real return on investment is rooted in the development of people within organizations.

Boleyn began her career in the corporate world, working in retail management and human resources at Fortune 500 companies before taking the leap to start her own consulting business. Today on the podcast, she shares the life-changing mindset that has allowed her measure success based on what she has learned in the process of running her own firm. Boleyn also reveals her best tips for sustaining your financial health and building profit into your business!


Key Interview Takeaways

“Whatever you do, never, ever, ever, ever ring that bell.” There is a vulnerability that comes with entrepreneurship, and the inner critic that plagues many women may tempt them to tap out. Boleyn encourages female business owners to persevere and develop the mental stamina to keep going – even when the going is tough.

Attach success to the process rather than the outcome. Yes, burgeoning entrepreneurs will face challenges and make mistakes, but you can choose to apply what you learned (rather than dwelling on the failures) and move forward.

You can’t learn unless you put yourself out there. Boleyn cites the small number of female students who enter the University of Iowa’s pitch competition to illustrate the necessity of a shift in mindset. Don’t take yourself out of the game because you may not win; instead consider what you can learn from the process.

Build profit into your business. Though your income may fluctuate, it is possible to create consistency by assigning percentages of your income (rather than amounts) to things like owner’s pay and profit.

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