Red Zone Leadership Foundation, NFP is a 501(c)(3) formed to support and cultivate the leadership skills of current and future female professionals. The Foundation provides funding for organizations that provide opportunities and education for female leaders.


The Red Zone Leadership Foundation works to promote the power of women in business. We seek out and bring together women who are making a difference with those who will in the future. We offer inspiration through weekly podcasts featuring successful female business leaders. We fund organizations supporting female leadership and support the educational opportunities of our future leaders.


The Foundation was formed in 2009 by Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, an entrepreneur with a passion for understanding the underlying issues impacting business performance, especially as it relates to female professionals. Maribeth is currently the President of Red Zone Marketing, a consulting firm providing business development strategy and support for financial services firms, entrepreneurial-minded corporations, and salespeople.


The Female Insight Zone


The Female Insight Zone is a series of 30-minute podcasts sharing insights from women who have made an indelible mark in business and the path they took to soar. Listen to weekly interviews of inspiring female business leaders revealing insights into their successes, failures, and how they have overcome.

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